Elvish Yadav Faces FIR After Alleged Assault on Sagar Thakur

Image showing Elvish Yadav and Sagar Thakur, also known as 'Maxtern,' side by side.
Elvish Yadav (right) and Maxtern (left) pictured together.

Recently, something big happened online involving social media influencer Elvish Yadav. He’s facing serious trouble because someone filed a police report against him. It’s all because of an alleged fight with another YouTuber named Sagar Thakur. This fight between the two YouTubers is making people think about the bad stuff that can happen online. It’s showing how online fights can get really serious and even turn violent.

Image depicting Elvish Yadav and his friends physically assaulting Sagar Thakur, also known as 'Maxtern.'
Elvish Yadav and his associates allegedly assault Sagar Thakur, sparking controversy and legal repercussions.

The situation got really serious when a video appeared on social media. In the video, Elvish Yadav and his friends were seen physically attacking Sagar Thakur. This happened in Gurugram. Now, Yadav is in big trouble because of this. He’s facing charges under sections 147, 149, 323, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Sagar Thakur’s Side of the Story

Image depicting Elvish Yadav and Sagar Thakur, also known as 'Maxtern,' with the caption 'Sagar Thakur's Side of the Story.'
Sagar Thakur shares his side of the story amidst allegations of assault by Elvish Yadav.

Sagar Thakur, also known as ‘Maxtern’ on social media, shared a frightening story in his FIR. He said that Elvish Yadav not only attacked him physically but also tried to injure his spine. Thakur claims that the attack was planned in advance and included threats to his life. This FIR reveals the growing tensions between the two YouTubers.

The Social Media Showdown

The conflict between Elvish Yadav and Sagar Thakur stems from a social media dispute involving Yadav and Munawar Faruqui, the victor of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Thakur criticized Yadav, calling him a “hypocrite” for being linked to Faruqui, who had faced legal troubles over comments about Hindu deities. This criticism sparked a chain of events that eventually led to the physical altercation.

Elvish Yadav’s Alleged Aggression

 Image depicting Elvish Yadav and his friends allegedly assaulting Sagar Thakur, also known as 'Maxtern.'
The image captures the alleged aggression of Elvish Yadav and his friends towards Sagar Thakur, sparking controversy in the online community.

According to Thakur, what was meant to be a conversation between the two turned into a violent confrontation. Thakur alleges that Elvish Yadav, accompanied by 8-10 associates, physically attacked him and hurled abusive language during the late-night altercation. The FIR specifically mentions Yadav’s attempts to inflict physical injury, leaving Thakur concerned about the possibility of long-term disability.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, the FIR against Elvish Yadav was filed under bailable sections of the IPC, which has stirred controversy. Thakur argues that the charges should include non-bailable sections, given the severity of the situation. This brings up concerns about the legal consequences and whether the Haryana government is exerting influence over the case.

Social Media Fallout

Both YouTubers have a big presence online, especially Elvish Yadav, who has a huge following. The conflict has caused a split among their fans, and Thakur says that fan pages linked to Yadav have been spreading hate and false information about him, which has been really upsetting.

Appeal for Justice

In a video posted on X platform, Sagar Thakur appeals to Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar and the Gurugram Police to act promptly. He stresses the importance of a comprehensive investigation and requests Elvish Yadav’s arrest under non-bailable charges. Thakur expresses worries about the possible misuse of power and calls for accountability.


The conflict between Elvish Yadav and Sagar Thakur reveals how online disagreements can turn into physical confrontations. The legal process will show how accountable social media influencers are for their behavior and the repercussions they might encounter. As the situation develops, it reminds us of the power and duties that come with being influential figures in the online world.


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