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MLA Chetan Anand Missing Drama Before Bihar Floor Test

Tension Mounts as Bihar Faces Crucial Trust Vote

The political scene in Bihar gets even more confusing as Anshuman Anand, brother of RJD MLA Chetan Anand from Sheohar, tells the police his brother might be trapped. This happened on February 10th, 2024, at 2:30. When the police went to Tejashwi Yadav’s house, they met a crowd of RJD workers. It was hard for them to reach Chetan Anand because of the crowd.

Chetan Anand Drama at Tejashwi’s Residence

Amid preparations for the floor test, chaos ensues at the residence of former Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav. The family of RJD MLA Chetan Anand raises alarm, alleging that the MLA is under house arrest. The police had a tough time dealing with the RJD workers blocking their way. They wanted to find Chetan Anand, but the crowd made it tough. Things got tense as both sides tried to figure things out.

A Political Chessboard NDA vs. Mahagathbandhan

With a big vote coming up, all eyes are on Bihar’s political drama. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar needs to prove he’s got the support to stay in power after parting ways with the Mahagathbandhan and aligning with the BJP. Every move in this drama could change the game.

Absences and Allegiances

As everyone waits anxiously, there’s talk about some MLAs not being there for the big vote. Even though some MLAs from Janata Dal (United) are missing, the party still believes they can win. We don’t know exactly how many are missing, but people are guessing it could include Sudharshan Kumar Singh, Bima Bharti and Dilip Roy.

BJP’s Return and Mahagathbandhan’s Unity

Meanwhile, the BJP orchestrates the return of its MLAs from Bodh Gaya, where they were attending a workshop. The Mahagathbandhan, comprising RJD, Congress and Left allies, regroups amidst fears of poaching and external pressures.

The Pulse of the People

As politicians play their games and try to gain power, the people of Bihar are unsure about what will happen next. As MLAs gather to vote, the future of Bihar’s government is uncertain. Each decision made by politicians could change how the state is run in the future.



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