Nikhil Poojary Boosting Bengaluru FC’s Squad as New Addition

Nikhil Poojary kicking a football.
Nikhil Poojary in action, contributing to Bengaluru FC's success.

Versatile Right-Back Joins Bengaluru FC’s Ambitious Project

In a significant move for Indian football, Bengaluru FC has welcomed the versatile right-back, Nikhil Poojary, into their ranks. This signing has garnered attention not only due to Nikhil Poojary’s skills on the field but also because of his inspiring journey from the grassroots to becoming a national sensation.

Nikhil Poojary’s Rise in Indian Football

Born in Karnataka, Nikhil Poojary’s passion for football was evident from a young age. He honed his skills in various clubs in Mumbai during his youth career before making his debut on the senior stage with East Bengal. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey for the talented player.

Paving His Way Through Indian Super League

Poojary’s journey in the Indian Super League (ISL) has been nothing short of impressive. He spent a season with Pune City FC and then joined Hyderabad FC, where he achieved the pinnacle of success by becoming an ISL champion in the 2021-22 season. His time in the ISL saw him make 88 appearances, showcasing his consistent performance at the top level of Indian football.

National Glory and Versatility

Nikhil Poojary’s prowess is not limited to club football. He has represented the Indian national team with pride, earning 23 caps, including three starts in the 2024 AFC Asian Cup. His contribution was pivotal in the 2023 SAFF Championship-winning campaign.

What sets Poojary apart is his versatility. Not only does he excel as a right-back, but he also possesses the capability to play higher up the pitch as a winger. This adaptability makes him a valuable asset for any team.

Bengaluru FC’s Ambitious January Window

Bengaluru FC’s decision to sign Nikhil Poojary underscores their ambition in the January transfer window. The club, led by coach Gerard Zaragoza, has been on a mission to strengthen its squad. Poojary’s signing aligns perfectly with their focus on acquiring quality Indian defenders.

Coach Zaragoza speaks highly of Poojary, emphasizing that his offensive skills as a right-back will contribute significantly to the team’s attack. Moreover, his experience is expected to meet the defensive demands set by the club.

Poojary’s Perspective

Speaking about his decision to join Bengaluru FC, Nikhil Poojary expressed his excitement about the club’s project and vision. He shared that extensive discussions with the management and the coach played a pivotal role in his choice. Poojary believes that Bengaluru FC is where he can make a lasting impact and continue to develop his potential.

Poojary also reflected on his past encounters with Bengaluru FC, acknowledging the passionate fan base and the electric atmosphere at the Kanteerava Stadium. He looks forward to playing for and in front of these dedicated fans.

The Road Ahead

As Bengaluru FC aims to bounce back from a challenging start to the season, Nikhil Poojary’s arrival injects fresh optimism. His experience, versatility, and commitment to the team’s vision make him a key asset for the Blues.

With Poojary’s signature, Bengaluru FC is not only reinforcing its squad but also adding a human touch to the beautiful game. Nikhil Poojary’s journey from Mumbai’s footballing grassroots to the national and international stage serves as an inspiring example for aspiring footballers across India.

In conclusion, the addition of Nikhil Poojary to Bengaluru FC exemplifies the club’s commitment to excellence in Indian football. Poojary’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication and talent, and his impact on the field will undoubtedly shape the future of Bengaluru FC’s campaign.


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