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PM Modi will celebrate Netaji’s 127th birthday with Parakram Diwas and launch ‘Bharat Parv’

India, a land of great history and rich culture, commemorates the 127th birth anniversary of a prominent and respected freedom fighter, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The celebration, termed as Parakram Diwas, not only reverberates with patriotic fervor but also brings to the fore the cultural mosaic of India through the launch of Bharat Parv. This year’s Parakram Diwas is graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Red Fort, a historical symbol of Indian resilience and ambition, setting an apt stage for honoring the valiant icon of India’s struggle for independence.

Honoring the Valiant Spirit: Parakram Diwas at Red Fort

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, a name that conjures up the image of unflinching patriotism and defiant courage, continues to inspire generations of Indians. Marking his 127th birth anniversary, the Red Fort in Delhi transforms into a space of homage as Prime Minister Modi inaugurates the Parakram Diwas celebrations. As we gather to remember this charismatic leader’s dedication, the fort, steeped in history, witnesses a modern narrative of recognition and reverence for a national hero.

In the heart of the capital, where the echoes of independence once resonated, attendees are offered a rare visual treat — an exhibition of archives comprising Netaji’s photographs and documents. This captivating display paints a picture of his remarkable journey, from his early days of fervent nationalism to the pinnacle of his role as the leader of the Azad Hind Fauj.

The Grand Launch of Bharat Parv

Alongside Parakram Diwas, the Bharat Parv event commences, presenting a panorama of India’s cultural heritage. Scheduled between January 23rd and 31st, this nine-day extravaganza aims at showcasing the nation’s varied traditions, art, and history. It’s a celebration where the Republic Day tableaux presented by numerous Union Ministries come alive, depicting citizen-centric endeavors and the intricacies of local tourist spots.

Bharat Parv, an initiative envisaged to enrich the patriotic mood, is set up at strategic locations like Ram Leela Maidan and adjacent to the historic Red Fort. This cultural fiesta pledges to offer a bouquet of experiences combining the valorous saga of Netaji with the kaleidoscopic vista of Indian culture.

The Contribution of Luminaries: Parakram Diwas’ Significance

The recognition of Parakram Diwas, instituted in 2021, underscores the government’s resolve to honor luminaries whose contributions have been pivotal in India’s freedom struggle. Netaji’s valor, leadership, and his indomitable spirit served as the backbone of the Azad Hind Fauj, playing a crucial part in liberating India from colonial rule. Parakram Diwas is hence an apt tribute to this stalwart, immortalizing his acts of bravery.

Amidst the soaring kites and tricolors dotting the sky, the premise of the Red Fort turns into a corridor of time travel. The attendees, while wandering through the exhibition, traverse through the pages of history, coming face-to-face with Netaji’s life — his upbringing under the influence of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, his relentless fight for freedom, and his eventual enigma-shrouded demise.

Unfolding the Historical Enigma: The Mystery Surrounding Netaji’s Death

One of the darkest and most intriguing chapters of Indian history is the uncertainty surrounding Netaji’s death. Despite various investigations, his demise remains a puzzle, with theories ranging from a tragic airplane crash to clandestine survival narratives. Over 76 years since the alleged plane crash, the theory of his mysterious survival continues to captivate the imagination of the Indian populace. Investigative reports remain inconclusive, leaving the tale of Netaji’s end as a part of folklore, around which many conversations at Parakram Diwas revolve.

Bridging the Past and Present: Cultural Synthesis at Bharat Parv

The Bharat Parv event is set against this riveting backdrop, connecting the past with the present and the heroes with the folk. It demonstrates how remembrance can turn into a jubilant celebration of life, unity, and diversity. Dances, music, and storytelling from across the land amalgamate here, imparting more vibrant hues to the occasion already dyed in the tricolor.

Recounting the Legend: PM Modi’s Address on NetajiA key highlight of the day is the Prime Minister’s address, where Netaji’s devotion to the Motherland is extolled. The narratives shared by PM Modi serve not only as an eulogyOpen In Editor



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