Political Issues in the Maldives Sparked by Attempts to Remove President Mohamed Muizzu

President Mohamed Muizzu on the left, Parliamentarian clashes on the right.
President Mohamed Muizzu's image on the left, symbolizing the political unrest in the Maldives, while parliamentarians clash on the right during debates over impeachment.

In the beautiful Maldives, where clear blue waters and luxurious tourism are common, there is a big problem in politics. The main opposition party, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), wants to kick out President Mohamed Muizzu. This has led to a political crisis with fights in the parliament and lots of arguing about whether the president should stay or go.

Impeachment Efforts to remove Mohamed Muizzu

The trouble started when the MDP, along with The Democrats, collected signatures to start the process of removing President Muizzu. They did this because members from the ruling group, the People’s National Congress (PNC) and the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), were causing problems in the parliament.

In a special meeting, chaos broke out as lawmakers fought over whether to approve four people picked by Muizzu for his cabinet. When the opposition decided not to agree to these four members, it caused protests from the ruling group, making the situation very chaotic in the Maldivian Parliament.

The Coalition’s Strong Stand

The group in power, made up of PPM and PNC, is not backing down. Ahmed Saleem, the leader of PPM Parliamentary Group, said they won’t let the MDP get rid of President Muizzu. He even said, “They will have to kill us all first before they can even think of removing the President from office.” This shows how serious the situation has become.

The ruling group believes that the MDP and The Democrats, even though they have gathered signatures, won’t be able to remove President Muizzu. They are standing firm against any attempts to kick the president out of office.

Trouble in the Parliament

Maldives parliamentarians engaging in heated clashes during debates over the appointment of 4 government ministers.
Image captures the intense parliamentary clashes in the Maldives as lawmakers fiercely oppose the appointment of four government ministers, as discussed in the article.

Things got really bad in the parliament when supporters of the government and opposition lawmakers clashed. The fight was because they couldn’t agree on whether to approve four members chosen by President Muizzu, who is considered to be close to China. The opposition’s decision to not approve these members led to protests and it stopped the parliamentary work.

MP Ahmed Thoriq pointed out that the MDP’s efforts might not work because some members in the opposition didn’t follow the party’s decision during the recent votes. This shows that there are problems within the opposition itself.

Counting Votes for Impeachment

In politics, numbers are important. To remove a president, they need at least 53 votes in the 87-member parliament. Ahmed Thoriq is not sure if the MDP and The Democrats, together having 56 MPs, can get enough votes. He thinks that some members in both groups may not agree to kick the president out, making it hard for them to reach the needed number.

The recent changes in the rules of the Maldives Parliament made it easier to try to remove the president. But reaching the required 56 votes is still a challenge, making the situation even more complicated.

International Involvement

President Muizzu’s request for India to withdraw military personnel adds an international aspect to the problem. This move might change the relationship between the Maldives and India, which was friendly with the previous president. As the political crisis continues, the world watches closely to see what happens in this region.

Rejections and Reappointments in Parliament

The political chaos increased when Maldivian MPs voted against three cabinet members chosen by President Mohamed Muizzu. The ruling party tried to stop the opposition’s vote on the new 22-member cabinet. Videos on social media showed fights inside the parliament, which is not normal for the Maldives known for its peaceful image.

Even though three important posts were rejected, President Muizzu quickly reappointed those candidates. This shows that he is determined to deal with the political troubles.

Elections Coming Up

With elections in the Maldives coming in March, the political situation is uncertain. The fight between the ruling group and the opposition sets the stage for a big election battle. The outcome will decide how things move forward in the Maldives, affecting both how the country is run and its relationships with other countries.

As the nation deals with political problems, the strength and determination of the Maldivian people become crucial. The beautiful islands, usually known for their calm beauty, are now at the center of a political storm, raising questions about stability and democracy in this tropical paradise.


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