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Prime Minister Modi Remarks on the Last Day of 17th Lok Sabha

On the final day of the 17th Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi delivered a significant address, reflecting on the achievements and challenges faced during the tenure of the Lower House. As we bid farewell to the 17th Lok Sabha, it’s an opportune moment to look back on the accomplishments and hurdles encountered during its tenure. Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this legislative period witnessed significant reforms and transformative initiatives that have shaped India’s trajectory. Let’s delve into the highlights of this journey and the challenges that lie ahead.

Reforms, Performances and Transformations

Over the past five years, the Lok Sabha focused on three key pillars, reform, performance and transformation. Under Prime Minister Modi’s guidance, the government implemented bold policies and legislative changes aimed at driving socio-economic progress. From landmark constitutional amendments to groundbreaking laws, the 17th Lok Sabha laid the groundwork for a more prosperous and inclusive India.

Empowering Women

A central theme of the 17th Lok Sabha was the empowerment of women. Through legislative measures such as criminalizing instant triple talaq and advocating for the women’s reservation bill, the government demonstrated its commitment to gender equality. Prime Minister Modi hailed these initiatives as crucial steps towards harnessing the full potential of India’s women and promoting their participation in nation-building.

Prime Minister Modi Acknowledging Speaker Om Birla’s Leadership

Throughout its term, Speaker Om Birla played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Lok Sabha. His impartiality, patience, and leadership skills were instrumental in navigating through contentious debates and maintaining decorum in the House. Speaker Birla’s tenure exemplified the values of fairness, inclusivity and democratic governance.

Paving the Way for National Progress

The 17th Lok Sabha witnessed several historic decisions that reshaped India’s socio-political landscape. From the abrogation of Article 370 to the resolution on the Ram temple in Ayodhya, these actions reflected the government’s commitment to upholding national unity and cultural heritage. Prime Minister Modi hailed these achievements as significant milestones in India’s journey towards self-realization and prosperity.

Towards a Developed India

Looking ahead, Prime Minister Modi outlined a vision for a ‘Vikshit Bharat’ or a Developed India, setting ambitious goals for the nation’s growth over the next 25 years. This vision encompasses holistic development, technological innovation, and inclusive policies aimed at uplifting all sections of society. Prime Minister Modi’s leadership has laid the foundation for India’s emergence as a global powerhouse.

Challenges Amidst Progress

Despite the achievements, the 17th Lok Sabha faced several challenges, most notably the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented crisis tested India’s resilience and posed significant socio-economic hurdles. However, through proactive measures and collective efforts, India weathered the storm and emerged stronger. The pandemic highlighted the importance of robust healthcare systems and the need for global cooperation in tackling future challenges.


As we reflect on the legacy of the 17th Lok Sabha, we recognize its contributions to India’s progress and development. Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, the nation has embarked on a transformative journey marked by courage, determination, and resilience. As we look towards the future, the lessons learned and the achievements attained during this tenure will serve as guiding principles for India’s continued growth and prosperity.



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