A Teen Brave Fight Against Rapists in Madhya Pradesh

An illustration of a brave, girl , symbolizing her fight against crime in Madhya Pradesh.
Embracing Courage

In the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, a horrifying incident took place on a chilly day in January. A young girl, on her way to coaching classes, becomes the victim of a vicious attack that left her with severe injuries.

Our story begins with a 15-year-old girl, full of dreams and aspirations, who was allegedly abducted and raped by two men on a motorcycle. This terrifying ordeal occurred when she was heading to her coaching class on January 29. The men, after committing the heinous act, decided to throw the girl down from a bridge, causing her grievous injuries on her back.

The Additional Superintendent of Police, Niranjan Sharma, confirmed the incident and stated that the girl was admitted to a private hospital in critical condition. Despite the trauma, the girl showed immense courage and cooperated with the authorities by providing a statement to the police. She explained how two men dragged her onto their motorcycle and attempted to rape her. Unfortunately, her resistance only led to the perpetrators throwing her off the bridge, causing severe damage to her spine.

As per the girl’s statement, the police registered a First Information Report (FIR) under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and the Indian Penal Code Section 376 D, which deals with gang rape. The police immediately sprung into action, arresting one of the accused, while continuing the search for the second perpetrator.

The incident didn’t go unnoticed, as former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath expressed his concern and anger over the matter. He took to social media platform, stating, “The incident of kidnapping and gang rape of an innocent 10th class girl in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, has brought shame and embarrassment to the state.” Kamal Nath also defended his short-lived government’s efforts in ensuring women’s safety during their tenure, asserting that his government had taken concrete steps to prevent crimes against women and succeeded in making Madhya Pradesh safe.

The victim, unfortunately, couldn’t escape the clutches of these monstrous men. However, her courage in standing up to them and reporting the incident serves as a beacon of hope for many women and young girls in India, reminding them that it is vital to fight back against injustice.

This incident is a crucial reminder of the challenges still faced by women and young girls in India, despite significant efforts to combat gender-based violence. The authorities must ensure the strictest punishment for the accused, sending a clear message that such heinous acts will not be tolerated. At the same time, society must continue to empower women to stand up and fight against any form of injustice, promoting a culture rooted in equality, respect and security for all.

We have combined multiple reportings to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Madhya Pradesh minor girl’s tragic encounter. We hope that the girl’s brave fight will inspire others to stand up against injustice, paving the way for a safe and fear-free India for women and girls.


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