PM Modi’s Serious Warning on TMC’s Sandeshkhali Role

PM Modi addressing the crowd at a rally
Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering a speech at a public rally.

PM Modi spoke at a big gathering in Barasat, West Bengal, where he talked about the troubling Sandeshkhali incident. This incident represents the claimed mistreatment of women during the rule of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the state.

PM Modi Exposing Sandeshkhali

PM Modi addressing the crowd with women of Sandeshkhali in the background
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a gathering with women from Sandeshkhali in the background.

During the inauguration of India’s first underwater Metro section, PM Modi addressed the Sandeshkhali incident, denouncing the reported mistreatment of women. The incident revolved around the forceful acquisition of land and accusations of sexual harassment involving suspended TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan and his associates. Modi expressed his dismay, describing the events in Sandeshkhali as shameful.

TMC’s Attempt to Shield the Culprits

 Image showing TMC leader Mamata Banerjee performing Namaz on the left and Sheikh Shahjahan surrounded by police protection on the right.
TMC leader Mamata Banerjee performing Namaz on the left and Sheikh Shahjahan under police protection on the right, depicting the party’s alleged attempt to shield the culprits.

At the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Abhinandan‘ event in Barasat, Modi accused the TMC government of shielding those involved in the Sandeshkhali incident. He highlighted the persistence of the TMC government despite legal setbacks from the high court. Modi issued a warning, stating “The storm of Sandeshkhali will reach every part of West Bengal“.

Women’s Voices: A Powerful Force

Image showing PM Modi bowing respectfully towards a group of women.
PM Modi bowing towards a group of women, symbolizing the strength and influence of women’s voices in society.

Thousands of women attended the rally, demonstrating the power and resilience of women in Bengal. Many women from Sandeshkhali shared their stories of land seizure and sexual harassment. Modi recognized their significance, stating, “The women of Bengal become Goddess Durga for me“. He praised their strength and solidarity, acknowledging the support they provide during difficult situations.

Political Slams: Modi vs. TMC

Image showing PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee facing each other.
PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee engage in a face-off, highlighting the intense political rivalry between the two leaders.

Modi didn’t hold back in criticizing the TMC government, alleging its protection of wrongdoers. He highlighted the alleged harassment of women by TMC leaders, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, contrasting it with BJP’s stance on women’s justice. Modi encouraged people to scrutinize the TMC’s actions and compare them with BJP’s efforts in addressing crimes against women.

Mamata Banerjee and the INDI Alliance: A Desperate Opposition

Modi addressed the escalating tensions within the INDI alliance, particularly focusing on remarks made by RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav about his family. In response, Modi emphasized the backing he receives from his sisters and the entire nation, asserting, “My sisters who are attending this program are ‘Modi ka parivar.‘”

BJP’s Pledge to the Tormented Women

State BJP president Sukanta Majumdar pledged the party’s commitment to arrange a meeting between the distressed women and the prime minister. This promise shows the BJP’s determination to listen to the concerns of the victims and ensure that those responsible for the wrongdoing are held accountable.

National Impact of the Sandeshkhali Issue

Modi has made the Sandeshkhali incident a matter of national concern, stating that people across the country are outraged by the atrocities. He urged everyone to ensure that the TMC is defeated in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, stressing that justice and women’s safety are essential priorities for the BJP.


PM Modi spoke in Barasat, bringing attention to the troubling Sandeshkhali incident and highlighting the wider concern for women’s safety and justice in West Bengal. The rally provided a platform for the victims’ voices to be heard and for holding the TMC government accountable. As tensions rise in West Bengal’s political scene, the Sandeshkhali incident symbolizes the broader fight for justice, with PM Modi and the BJP leading the charge.


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