Pro Kabaddi Season 10 Unveils Journey for Teams and Players

A photo showing the logo of Pro Kabaddi Season 10, featuring the number "10" and the abbreviation "PKL."
The logo of Pro Kabaddi League Season 10, representing the upcoming season of the popular kabaddi tournament.

A Spotlight on the Unforgettable Pro Kabaddi Season 10

The Pro Kabaddi Season 10 journey for the 2023-24 began on 2nd December 2023, with an thrilling start that drew fans from around the world. With 12 enthusiastic teams, including Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Gujarat Giants, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U Mumba, and UP Yoddhas, the season promises to be action-packed and filled with memorable moments.

As the stakes are high, the teams have been fiercely competing to claim their position in the points table. Currently, the Jaipur Pink Panthers have taken the lead, securing an impressive 63 points. Having played 15 matches, they have emerged victorious in 11, faced defeat in two, and had two matches end in a draw.

Sultan Fazel Atrachali achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first player to reach 450 tackle points in this season. As of now, the Jaipur Pink Panthers are leading the table. Notable performances include Sahil Gulia recording 15 tackle points in the fourth week of the season, and Puneri Paltan defeating table toppers Bengal Warriors. The season has witnessed outstanding performances, with players demonstrating exceptional skills and setting new records. Let’s delve into the spectacular Pro Kabaddi stats for Season 10, unveiling the remarkable accomplishments achieved by both teams and players.

Top 10 Players With Successful Raids:

  1. Ashu Malik (136)
  2. Arjun Deshwal (132)
  3. Pawan Sehrawat (110)
  4. Maninder Singh (100)
  5. Guman Singh (100)
  6. Pardeep Narwal (98)
  7. Sachin (93)
  8. Ajinkya Pawar (92)
  9. Vinay (80)
  10. Amirmohammad Zafardanesh (78)

Top 10 Players With Best Raid Points:

  1. Pawan Sehrawat: 10 (Super 10s)
  2. Arjun Deshwal: 10 (Super 10s)
  3. Ashu Malik: 09 (Super 10s)
  4. Guman Singh: 07 (Super 10s)
  5. Sachin: 06 (Super 10s)
  6. Maninder Singh: 06 (Super 10s)
  7. Pardeep Narwal: 06 (Super 10s)
  8. Naveen Kumar: 05 (Super 10s)
  9. Narender: 05 (Super 10s)
  10. Nitin Kumar: 04 (Super 10s)

Top 10 Teams With Successful Raids:

  1. Dabang Delhi K.C. (261)
  2. U Mumba (254)
  3. Patna Pirates (250)
  4. Bengal Warriors (244)
  5. U.P. Yoddhas (243)
  6. Tamil Thalaivas (236)
  7. Jaipur Pink Panthers (231)
  8. Puneri Paltan (227)
  9. Telugu Titans (222)
  10. Haryana Steelers (213)

Top 10 Teams With Best Team Raid Points:

  1. Telugu Titans (726)
  2. U.P. Yoddhas (663)
  3. Tamil Thalaivas (658)
  4. Haryana Steelers (656)
  5. Bengaluru Bulls (647)
  6. Jaipur Pink Panthers (634)
  7. Dabang Delhi K.C. (620)
  8. Patna Pirates (611)
  9. U Mumba (607)
  10. Bengal Warriors (605)

The Pro Kabaddi Season 10 has seen an impressive display of talent, dedication, and teamwork by both players and teams. The relentless pursuits of the players and the strategic execution of team tactics have left a lasting impact on the league. The audience has been captivated by the sheer determination and unwavering spirit of the participants, making this season a memorable and thrilling experience.

As the season progresses, fans eagerly await the unfolding of more thrilling matches and anticipate witnessing new records being set, further adding to the richness of Pro Kabaddi League history. With each game, players and teams are etching their names in the annals of kabaddi, marking their indelible contributions to the sport.

The Pro Kabaddi Season 10 has provided an unparalleled platform for showcasing exceptional skills, sportsmanship and the electrifying spirit of kabaddi. It has not only elevated the standards of the sport but also ignited a deeper passion among fans, cementing Pro Kabaddi as a celebrated and beloved sporting extravaganza.

In conclusion, Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 has been a monumental journey, characterized by astonishing records, outstanding performances, and unwavering enthusiasm. It has succeeded in bringing communities together, transcending boundaries, and inspiring a new generation of kabaddi enthusiasts. The legacy of this season will continue to resonate for years to come, shaping the future of kabaddi with its extraordinary



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